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PostSubject: Lunacy   Sun Jan 23, 2011 11:23 pm

The Lunar Effect.
It's the idea that the full moon can cause humans and animals to act abnormally. The term lunatic refers to a person who is dangerously reckless or mentally ill. Though I can't seem to find the articles right now, lunatic used to mean one who suffers from Lunacy. We already know that Luna is Latin for Moon, but from what I remember reading, in the old days people had believed so strongly in 'The lunar effect' that those who became deranged during the full moon were the first to be known as 'lunatics' and if they committed murder could have been let off free of punishment if they claimed lunacy.
If anyone can find any sources for this please post them. :)

Below is a list of supposed effects, Have you noticed any of them?
Numerous studies have tried to either prove or debunk these claims. Most have come to the conclusion that its all myth. But every single person I've asked not only believes there is something behind it all, but has witnessed it.

Triggers many natural rhythms and breeding cycles.
Herbivores and humans ovulate around the Full Moon.
The height of the deer rutting season occurs around two Full Moons.
Coral mates at the Full Moon.
Migratory Birds appear to follow the patterns of the Moon for timing and finding their path of migration.
Game birds tend to return to certain locations at the time of the Hunter's Moon.
Bears, caribou, and salmon move at the Full Moon.
Vets & dog trainers note that animals are more restless and unruly during a Full Moon.
Oysters are sensitive to the cycle of the Moon and not simply the movement of the tide.
Auto accidents rise 14 per cent.
Women who have already had children are likely to give birth on the day of the Full Moon.
Menstruation peaks most often on the evening before New Moon, even with the interference of modern lighting.
The Full Moon amplifies the electrical charge in living cells.
Hospital accident and emergency units see about 10% more patients.
Significant increase in visits to medical practices for consultations after the Full Moon.
Increase in epileptic seizures, bleeding ulcers, and hemorrhaging.
Dramatic rise in admissions to psychiatric hospitals
Higher number of mental patients become highly disturbed.
The Full Moon adversely affects patient behavior.
Airline passengers create more incidents.
Crimes of violence increase.
Murders - many apparently motiveless - triple.
Arson attacks increase by 100%.
Suicide rates increase.
Alcohol consumption rises at the start and end of the lunar cycle.
Sexual desire supposedly peaks with the Full Moon.
Emotional bio-rhythms cycle ties in with the 28 day lunar cycle.

My mother, who used to work at the local Wal-Mart once noted that on the full moon nights shoppers had a tendency to act 'out of it' asking odd questions and kept accidentally bumping their carts into things. (Keep in mind though, that in this town people are just loopy in general)

A good friend of mine in Alberta Canada used to work as nurse, according to him he said that during a full moon much more patients would pass away than usual.

So what do you think? It is all bogus? Coincidence? Or is there something deeper that even modern studies have yet to fully piece together?
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