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 Tree Correspondences

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PostSubject: Tree Correspondences   Fri Dec 17, 2010 9:35 pm

As with all nature, trees are often revered by Pagans and Wiccans. Stories about trees can be found throughout myth and folklore in just about any cultures history. Certain materials from trees are considered highly useful in magic and\or ritual for their unseen properties and affiliations.

These correspondences are listed below.

ALDER - Protection and oracular powers

Almond - Clairvoyance, divination, moon magick, wisdom

Apple - Healing, love, perpetual youth, prosperity

Ash - Protection

APPLE - Love and healing magic

Apricot - Love

Aspen - Protection

Birch - Fertility, new beginnings, protection, purification

Beech - guidance, protection?

Blackthorn -fate

Cedar - Longevity, prosperity

Coconut - Chastity, healing, purity

Cypress - Past-life workings, protection

Elder - Healing, prosperity, protection, life and death

Elm - Protection

Eucalyptus - Healing

Fig - Fertility, healing, sensuality

Hawthorn - cleansing, love, protection

Hazel - Divination, protection, reconciliation

Juniper - Protection

Lemon - Chastity, divination, friendship, healing, wishing

Maple - Divination, love

Mulberry - Divination knowledge, will power, wisdom

Oak - Healing, finances, longevity, strength

Olive - fidelity, fruitfulness, peace, security

Orange - Love, marriage

Palm - Strength

Peach - Divination, love

Pine - Fortune, fertility, health, prosperity, purification

Rowan - Protection, strength

Walnut - divination healing, oracle, protection

Willow - Enchantment, healing, moon magick, protection, fertility, feminine magic

Yew - Altered states of consciousness

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Tree Correspondences
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